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The Foundation Years: 1928 - 1933

Our school building then was a reflection of one man and of his philosophy of education. Bro. Stephen Buckley was never one to believe that all that was needed for education was “a few boys and their teacher under a coconut tree”. In typical fashion, he provided the very best available facilities and the best finish possible on floors, walls and furnishings. A good education could be given only in a good building and in good surroundings. The physical, the intellectual and the spiritual were part and parcel of each other. That was the standard he set for education. That was the kind of symbolism he required for his masterpiece.

History 1.png
An aerial view of the school
History 2.png

A 1933 photo of the school
History 3.png
The beautiful Irish stained glass window of St. Patrick. In the 1930s, Dublin was the best centre for stained glass in the world
History 4.png

The original sea frontage of the Brothers' and Boarders' residence
History 5.png

A 1933 photo of the chapel, Brothers' and Boarders' wing