All Through Our College, a Voice is Resounding

SPS90 Video

All through our college, a voice is resounding.

It is a voice and a story that is 90 years in the making. On 16 Feb 2023, 1200 staff and students came together to create SPS90. More than just an aerial mosaic, it is a rallying call, reminding us to cherish our past, celebrate our present and embrace the future. 

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Potest Qui Vult 
(He who wills, Can!)


A Storied History

       Take a walk down memory lane. From its origins as a Brothers' seaside resort, St. Patrick's School has a rich
90-year history reflecting our commitment to Lasallian values and shaping the lives of all Patricians.

1928 - 1933
The Foundation Years
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1933 - 1941
The Pre-War Years
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1941 - 1945
The War Years
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Rebuilding St. Patrick's
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The Stellar 60s
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Continuing the Patrician Spirit
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Surging to the Future
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Diamond Jubilee
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Reviving the Golden Era
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Our Pioneering Brothers

“Give me this grain of mustard seed and perhaps a fine tree will grow out of it. Give me a little leaven and perhaps my dough will become ready to make an excellent bread.
Everything must have a beginning, even the most gigantic things in nature.”

Father Jean- Marie Beurel wrote these words in 1849, persuading the Brothers in France to come to Singapore and realise his vision of building a school for boys.
This vision began to be realised in 1852, with the arrival of the first Lasallian Brothers in Singapore.

Over the course of our history, St Patrick’s School has been blessed to have been helmed by a few pioneering Brothers.

/qws/slot/u50444/Our Pioneering Brothers/Landing Page/Brother Stephen Buckley.jpg
Brother Stephen Buckley
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/qws/slot/u50444/Our Pioneering Brothers/Landing Page/Brother Canice Brennan.jpg
Brother Canice Brennan
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/qws/slot/u50444/Our Pioneering Brothers/Landing Page/Brother Alban Rozario_.jpg
Brother Alban Rozario
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/qws/slot/u50444/Our Pioneering Brothers/Landing Page/Brother Justinian De Souza.jpg
Brother Justinian De Souza
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/qws/slot/u50444/Our Pioneering Brothers/Landing Page/Brother Joseph Kiely_.jpg
Brother Joseph Kiely
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/qws/slot/u50444/Our Pioneering Brothers/Landing Page/Brother Joseph McNally.jpg
Brother Joseph McNally
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Today, we are proud to celebrate 90 years of Patrician excellence.

As part of this momentous event, we are pleased to share an original music video featuring Patricians both past and present coming together to commemorate their love for the school. 


Our Vision
We will continue our commitment to offer a dynamic Lasallian education that nurtures Boys of Faith,
Gentleman with Purpose and Leaders with Heart, who are worthy of God and men.
Growing Patrician Talent

Growing Patrician Talent

Our Life-Long Learning Programme (LLP) in Music & Music Technology aims to provide every Patrician an opportunity to learn, experience and develop a deeper appreciation of different genres of music so that they may become an active contributor of music in the future. Find out more here.


Shaping Future-Ready Patricians

Shaping Future-Ready Patricians

St. Patrick’s School STEM Applied Learning Programme (ALP) exposes students to various fields in technology, providing them with enriched learning and preparing them to be future-ready contributors in STEM. Find out more here.


Band of Brothers, Friends Forever!

Band of Brothers, Friends Forever!

Our dynamic Physical Education programme is specially designed to comprise an exciting array of outdoor and indoor experiences, which helps to build lifelong bonds. Find out more here.



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