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Rebuilding St Patrick's: 1950s

Bro. Alban was the first Singaporean to head the school and was instrumental in restoring the school from its war days. He devised the inspiring motto ‘Potest qui vult’. He also introduced the annual school swimming carnival and provided the school’s first science laboratory. 

Bro. Lawrence took over in 1953. He was an athletics enthusiast. In 1955, the school’s relay team came to be known as “The Unbeatables” in inter-school invitation relays.

PW 1.png
Swimming carnival in 1950
PW 2.png
The school staff in 1955
PW 3.png
The relay champions of 1955 "The Unbeatables"
PW 4.png
Students walking to school
PW 5.png
Bro. Justinian teaches chemistry
PW 6.png
The first band of St Patrick's in 1957